ModuleCode – Dashboard Design

ModuleCode Is a package of services that delivers a highly desirable result or transformation in the most effective way possible. The platform has a core feature which allows a quick & easy install process. Once installed, depending on the business profile, unlimited features can be added. The platform comes with default features focused toward the users experience.

Some of the modules developed:

  • Tracking system – keeps track of the user interaction with the website, saves history of actions in website pages
  • Marketing pages – unique pages created for marketing purposes
  • Messaging system – keep track and records of all messages sent by users
  • Clients module – create client profile
  • Live chat integration
  • Dynamic SEO
  • Tasks system – Team Management Solution
  • Ticketing module
  • Invoicing system

Platform applicability: Online Shop, Medical, Business, Education, Services,… generally any business. ModuleCode platform is custom built from the ground up, around the concept of modules, each with its own responsibility. This way we can add features as many as you want or need, anytime.