Mario & Fils – Website Development

Montreal is a special city that has the benefit of all 4 seasons. Rain, Snow, Ice, Salt, Heat, our outside life is governed by the seasons. Mario & Fils know Montreal winters, and summers , and are fully experienced in helping you develop and maintain your outside lifestyle. From initial idea to final result, the landscaping plan is the key link for your overall atmosphere.

Mario, the founder of Mario and Fils has been self-employed since 1976, he was mainly a 1 man team and worked in the residential field. Lino, the son in Mario & Fils, started working in the business part time in 1982 through 1986, in summer months. After high school he obtained a RBQ # as a licensed contractor in the domain of exterior landscaping. He then obtained his license in exterior fields (ex: cement, flagstone, excavation, terasament).

Lino joined the company full-time in 1987 and opened a partnership that was Mario and Fils. They expanded into full landscaping projects as well as commercial. The Company was enlarged 3 to 4 times. In 2008 Mario and Fils became a corporation. They now handle larger projects and complete residential make-overs, Mario the founder is still involved in overseeing projects now.