About GL Creative Media

We are a team of young people who work together to make the web better. We are very passionate about what we do, and each project is a new and different adventure for us.

The Good

Eugen is one of our team members that is passionate about technology and everything new in web development. He is specialized in HTML, CSS and Javascript and the websites coded by him are really well optimized and fully responsive. Eugen can tell you how important the security of a website is, how important is also the optimization of a website, and last but not least, how important is to have a programmer like him to make your website code fluid and easy to understand for everyone, either if is another programmer, google crawlers or the client itself.


Web Development

The Bad

Ginel discovered Photoshop in 2008 and wanted to discover more cool stuff you can make with it. He didn’t stopped since then, and even after more than 10 years, he is still learning awesome things using Adobe Suite. He is specialized in UI Design, but he also like to play with After Effects, creating cool presentation videos for clients, or WordPress, to create simple or complex websites.

He wants to know a little bit from each thing, including Online Marketing, SEO, WordPress Development or HTML/CSS. If you like to talk with him about design, coffee or games, feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.


Web Design
Print Design
Logo Design
Product Branding

The Ugly

Stefan doesn’t like to talk about himself, he much prefer to let the projects do that, so we will just put some random latin text instead. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras at consequat libero. Morbi scelerisque, augue et luctus finibus, magna lacus porta mi, non placerat urna dui sed dolor. Fusce at tincidunt tellus.

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Image Correction
Image Retouching
Graphic Design